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South Texas Development Council

South Texas State Planning Region (19)

Executive Director
Mr. Robert Mendiola
PO Box 2187
1002 Dicky Lane
Laredo, Texas 78044-2187
(956) 722-3995
Fax: (956) 722-2670
Email: mendiola@stdc.cog.tx.us
Website: www.stdc.cog.tx.us

Established: June 1966
Area: 6,718 sq. miles
Population: 349,951 (2014 est.)
Counties Served: Jim Hogg, Starr, Webb, Zapata

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The South Texas Development Council encourages and permits local governmental units to join and cooperate with one another in accomplishing the goals and objectives established by the Board. In this respect, the STDC serves as an instrument of local units of government in promoting cooperation with one another to improve the health, safety and general welfare of our citizens, and to assist in joint problem-solving of issues that affect the region. The agency takes an active role in identifying regional problems, setting priorities, and then formulating plans to alleviate these problems. To accomplish this, the STDC administers a myriad of programs, including economic and community development, criminal justice, 9-1-1 planning, solid waste management, water resources, and aging services. The STDC also operates a Retired Senior and Volunteer Program, as awell as a revolving loan fund program.

Board of Directors Meeting Date:
The Board meets quarterly on the second Thursday of March, June, September and December, or as determined by the Chairman.


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