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The Texas Association of Regional Councils (TARC), organized in 1973 by an interlocal agreement among Texas' 24 councils of governments (COGs), assists COGs in strengthening their capabilities to serve their local government members, provides a forum for the regular exchange of information and ideas, educates government entities and the general public about COGs, and represents the regional councils before both state and federal agencies and legislative bodies.

More than 2,000 cites, counties, and other local governments participate in Texas' 24 regional councils. They are instrumental in helping local communities address a wide range of issues including: homeland security, aging services, natural resources, transportation, workforce development, economic development, criminal justice, and 911 communications. Regional councils also work to coordinate efforts among state, federal, and local programs to maximize their impact on communities and eliminate duplication of services.

TARC carries out its mission through a governing Board of Directors, an Executive Directors' Council, and a structure of policy and program committees and staff associations. The Association holds quarterly meetings to discuss current issues as well as an Annual Conference for leadership and staff development training, an in-depth examination of issues facing COGs statewide, and sharing innovations in regional services.

Why become an Associate Member?
By becoming an Associate Member of TARC, your organization gains a unique opportunity to interact with the leaders of Texas' regions. Your organization will have contact with cities, counties, and other local governments as these groups work together to face the changes of a growing state. As an Associate Member, you will be better informed about legislative issues, and other concerns facing Texas' COGs, and have the opportunity to help address these concerns for the improvement of the lives of Texas' citizens.

What are the benefits of membership?

  • Discount on Conference Activities
    $50 off exhibit booth space, 15% off conference program advertisement
  • Advance Notice and Registration
    TARC Conferences and Events
  • Recognition for support of Texas' regional councils
    Includes listing on TARC membership list and TARC web site

Annual Dues - $500
Complete the Association Membership Application Form (PDF Format) and send your dues payment to:

The Texas Association of Regional Councils
701 Brazos, Suite 780
Austin, Texas 78701

TARC reserves the right to reject any application from an organization that TARC officials or the TARC Board of Directors' deems inappropriate or incompatible with TARC standards.

If you have questions, e-mail us or give us a call at (512) 478-4715.

701 Brazos, Suite 780, Austin, Texas 78701 512-478-4715 Email Us